Audio Visual

This Ministry provides technical support for audio visual equipment utilized throughout the church. It provides volunteers in the sounds Booth during regular and special services. It is also responsible for equipment support throughout the buildings, the streaming services, etc. Persons with interest and aptitude for learning and operating audio and visual equipment, including computers are suited for this ministry.

Baptismal Preparation

This Ministry serves as a liaison between the pastor /discipleship counselors(s) and the candidate to schedule persons for baptism, giving instructions to the candidate; they also make the garments and other supplies available. Person with spiritual gifts of helps are quite suited for this ministry; light lifting is involved.

Christian Education

This Ministry is responsible for the implementation of the churches program of Christian education for all ages, including bible study and Sunday school. Teachers and assistance are the primary need for volunteers in this area. If you have the spiritual gift of teaching, helps, and /or administration, this could be the ministry for you. The ministry serves approximately ten months of the year. preparing and teaching as frequently as weekly.

Communion Preparation

This Ministry is responsible for preparing the communion table for the Lord’s Supper biweekly or monthly as necessary. The group coordinates with the church secretary and food ministry coordinator to insure adequate supplies; they are also responsible for maintaining the table cloths and serving utensils. Service generally involves one-two hours of service, the day before and the of communion.


This Ministry is responsible for publicly extending a greeting to visitors and the reading of the church announcements. Persons of all ages who are comfortable reading before a large audience, have a nice speaking voice and or hospitable can serve in this ministry.


This Ministry ministers in dance monthly during regular worship services, special services, and upon invitation outside the church. It is primary for girls eight years of age or older with basic coordination, skills and able to to follow instructions. Participants must have support and attend practice several times a each month.


This Ministry is comprised of men of biblical qualifications chosen by the church to be servants. Men chosen are assign to families by the Pastor to assist him in providing shepherding care. New Deacons are periodically chosen at the will of the Pastor and the church. (Check with one of the coordinators or the church office if you need to know your family Deacon/Minister assignment).


This Ministry performs bible -based, Christ-centered drama several times a year. involving adults and children. Volunteers compose the cast member and production teams.


This Ministry  is responsible for  meal preparation, cooking and the serving of food for scheduled church-wide celebrations, repasts, and weekly continental breakfast. Persons with skills in cooking, serving, supporting, such as cleaning , organizing,, etc. and not afraid of hard work are best suited for this ministry.


This ministry is responsible for greeting and directing persons entering the common areas of the church for worship services and other events. This ministry also provides volunteers for the welcome desk, answering the phone before and during services. Persons with gifts of hospitality are suited for this ministry.

Grief and Bereavement

This Ministry provides support to individuals who are bereaved or grieved due to the loss of a loved one. Members send sympathy cards; ministry members are trained as caring listeners, offering themselves on a voluntary bases. The groups  plans and execute the annual grief memorial in remembrance of deceased loved ones. They are assigned the responsibility of establishing a memorial wall and planning and associated service.

Health and Wellness

This Ministry is responsible for the planning and execution of a plan for medical emergencies at the church. Ideally, all members will be CPR and First Aid certified. Physician consultation and education ( explaining your health care information you may not fully understand) Is available. Additionally, the Medical, Health , and Wellness ministry provides preventive health information, and training throughout the year. Persons with medical training are best suited for this ministry. Members of this ministry are on standby during services and part of the ministry.


This Ministry ministers through silent expresseion to muisc bi monthly during regulary worship services, special services, and upon invitaion out side the church. The Mime ministry is primarily for girls and boys eight years of age, with basic coordination skills and able to follow instrictuons. Particiapmnts must have support and attend pratice serveral times each month.


This Ministry has three choirs: Youth, Adults, and Praise. These choirs ministers during assigned regular services ( Supported by a live band)  and on invited occasions at other churches . Regular schedule rehearsals are required to serve.


This ministry provides child care to infants, toddlers and special need children during regular worship services and special services as possible. This ministry is also called upon to support other ministries and fellowship with childcare. Persons serving in this ministry must love and have patience for children. This ministry  works in a tight space with other adults and children.


This Ministry provides group transportation for the church, including Sunday riders, ministry and fellowship needs, and special occasions. This ministry needs safe and dependable drivers. Members must have a clean driving record, willing to serve on Sundays or as needed for long ans short trips.


This Ministry provides instructional support to school age children on an as needed bases. The tutorial minikstry is in need of people with expertise in all areas to be available as needed to tutor students in course work and standardized test.


This Ministry is responsible for directing into the sanctuary, comforting worshipers, assisting the pastor and ministers, and facilitating decent and orderly worship. Ushers serve during regular worship. special events and travel services, members with gifts of hospitality and patience and stamina for standing are best suited for this ministry. ushers meet bimonthly for training and business as needed.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

This Ministry plans and implements the annual week-long Vacation Bible School for school age children. This ministry utilizes volunteers for teaching. instructional support, arts and crafts, recreations support and other similar activities.