Updated Covid 19 Protocol

Chestnut Grove Baptist Church

Covid 19 Protocol Update

November 17, 2021

We reaffirm our masks mandate for in-house activities, i.e., worship services, bible study, meetings, and other activities;  believing masks provide a base level of protection against the virus.  Additionally, attendance should be maintained for all gatherings that would facilitate contact tracing should it become necessary.

Medical science indicates vaccinations with the use of masks and proper hygiene are extremely helpful in the prevention, spread, and reduction in severity of Covid 19.  Vaccines are now widely available for persons ages five and older, including boosters (time appropriate).  

The church strongly urges all eligible persons to take the vaccine; however, vaccines will no longer be required as a condition for participation in any church activities or service effective immediately (November 17, 2021).  Please exercise precaution at all times to minimize your risk of contact of this and all diseases.

All food served within the church must be individually packaged (grab and eat/grab and go) until further notice.