P_EBT Program

Please find information on the P-EBT program that provides $256.50 per school-aged child.
The payments are for every family either enrolled in SNAP (Food Stamps) or enrolled in free & reduced price lunch at school, or both.
In Clarke County, all  public school children are eligible (since free school lunch is universal).
If enrolled in SNAP, the benefit should have already been automatically applied.
If not enrolled in SNAP, the family must apply through the online system. Details are attached (English & Spanish FAQs, as well as a release). 
If you need assistance, please contact your FC-CIS Neighborhood Leader – list and map attached. (Thank you to Athens-Clarke County Mayor & Commission for funding the Neighborhood Leader positions.)

For all families with children enrolled in Clarke County School District (from the attached):

The allotment amounts below are the total benefits issued to families based on the
number of children in the household:

No. of Children Eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch Allotment Amount
1 child $256.50
2 children $513.00
3 children $769.50
4 children $1,026.00
5 children $1,282.50
6 children $1,539.00
7 children $1,795.50
8 children $2,052.00