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Sick & Shut-In

Shirley Evans

Mozellia Echols

Emma Allen

Lestine McNeely                                   

Carrie Dowdy                                 

Christine Lattimore                                                       

Daisy Smith                                             

Sally Tate  

Otis Hayden                                               

Cordelia Allen

Juanita Long

Martha Brooks

Lula Stoval

Cornelius Baily

WC & Margaret Watson



Mr. Fred Davenport (Deac Hopp’s Father)

Hull Family  (Mrs. Mary Hull)

Shirely Lester and Carolyn Faust( Lametrese Sims’ Grandmother

Covid Deaths



Need of Prayer

Booker Family

Linda Carter

Mary C. Howard

Baker Family

Mattie Long

Dennis Smith

Kathy Norrington

The Long Family